Victorinox 91mm Swiss army knife spares tweezers toothpick screwdriver handles

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Genuine Victorinox spares kit for 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knives. Genuine Victorinox parts. Kit contains toothpick, tweezers, mini screwdriver, scissors spring and a set of replacement handles. Knife is NOT included. Suitable for swiss army knives 91mm and over. Celidor scales suitable for 91mm knives only which have a toothpick and tweezers.

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91mm Swiss army knife spares – tweezers toothpick screwdriver handles

by Victorinox – – An official Victorinox stockist since 1999

  • Genuine Victorinox parts
  • suitable for 91mm long (and larger) Victorinox knives (To find length of knife close all tools and measure casing length)
  • Include slots for toothpick and tweezers and pin (behind screwdriver/corkscrew tool)
  • handles include cutout for screwdriver/corkscrew tool
  • top of toothpick and tweezers have angled edge to fit contours of handle
  • Kit contains: 1x scissors spring 1x tweezers 1x toothpick 1x mini screwdiver 1x pair of replacement handles (1x front and 1x reverse)
  • Care must be taken when fitting handles. We do not accept liability for damage to handles or knives during fitting.
  • PLEASE NOTE: these are the replacement handles only. The Swiss army knives are NOT included.


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